Juice and Ayran Colders


Product Details

  • Date:

     February 3, 2014

  • Options:

     20lt (single), 20+20lt (dual), 20+20+20lt (triple), 7lt (mini), 17lt (elegance)

  • Catalog No:

     ST10, ST11, ST12, ST13, ST14, ST15, ST16, ST17, ST18

  • Category:

     Kebab Shop Equipment

Juice And Ayran Colders Spec.

Product Details

* Shatter-resistant, hygienic and provides polycarbonate container
* New system taps.
* Electromagnetic pump / motor silent redictor.
* Stainless steel side and front surfaces.
* Quiet, durable, powerful compressor used.
* Due to the design allows easy maintenance and cleaning.