German Doner Kebab

<b>German Doner Kebab</b>

We provide you secret German, English and Turkish Doner Kebab Taste that you choose with International Specail Sauces.

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Doner Produce Machines

<b>Doner Produce Machines</b>

We provide you set up doner kebab product lines. Daily production capacity from 50kg to 50.000kg, acording to your budget.

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Doner Kebab Shop Set-up

<b>Doner Kebab Shop Set-up</b>

Professional Turkish Kebab and Breads Chef Traning in your Homeland or in TURKEY, DVD training set (60min. video).

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Doner Kebab Machine

<b>Doner Kebab Machine</b>

Doner Kebab Machine, Kebab Knife, Preparing-Set, Shawarma Machine, Grill Plate, Doner Slicer. 100% Made in TURKEY.

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Doner Factory.


We can set-up Doner Kebab Factory
Capacity depends on your wish

Training DVD 249€


How To Make Real Turkish Doner Kebab ?
Beef – Lamp – Mince - Chicken